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If you moved to Texas after 7th grade (and missed out on Texas History), then please review this basic summation of Texas History - right now!!! There's some other stuff here, too..

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The majority of TIR participants simply enjoy to run and have fun, which is awesome! But, you can also volunteer, sponsor, and raise money for a great cause - all while having a blast!

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We REALLY want you to have the very best and most enjoyable experience at the TIR! Don't hesitate to give us a call or send a note any time... we absolutely would love to hear from you!

Announcing the 2016 TIR Teams!!!: 2Slow 2Win 2Dumb 2Quit (Captain: Rick Bozanich of Katy) -- 11Below (Captain: Michael David of Tomball) -- 40 Planks (Captain: Mark Callahan of Houston) -- Agility Running B.A.C.S. (Captain: Alexandra Silva of Houston) -- Austin Front Runners - Fast & Fabulous (Captain: Glenn Brown of Austin) -- Austin Front Runners Team Mo-Mentum (Captain: Dan Brown of Austin) -- Bayou Bandits (Captain: Praveen Gunaseelan of Houston) -- Bear Creek Running Co. (Captain: Anthony Martinez of Keller) -- Blood Sweat & BEERS (Captain: Anthony Boatman of Georgetown) -- Boys To Men (Captain: Marc Ybarsabal of Houston) -- Broken (Captain: Juan Sanchez of Houston) -- CCRR Master Women (Captain: Julie McAllister of Corpus Christi) -- cgg (Captain: Zhao Ge of Houston) -- Chevron Accelerators (Captain: Bob Sevin of Richmond) -- Chrome Hearts (Captain: David Autrey of Seabrook) -- City of La Porte Road Dawgs (Captain: Matt Daeumer of La Porte) -- Come and Get Us (Captain: Jeroen Pollet of Houston) -- Corpus Christi Roadrunners (Captain: Sidney Stech of Corpus Christi) -- Corsicana Running Club (Captain: Brandy Nance of Corsicana) -- CrossFit Quiver (Captain: Lara Gwyn of Houston) -- DALLAS DOES HOUSTON (Captain: TERRY ZIEGLER of Dallas) -- DallAss Kickers (Captain: Megan Smyth of Dallas) -- Danger Zone (Captain: Jennifer Wells of Houston) -- DOGs (Captain: Mark Ulrich of Houston) -- Don't Stop...Give 'Em Hell (Captain: Vic Seidel of College Station) -- Dragon (Captain: Hui Long of Sugar Land) -- ExtraTIRrestrials (Captain: Jennifer Hoskovec of Houston) -- God's Girls on the Go (Captain: Eva Clawson of Conroe) -- Hares and Tortoises (Captain: Douglas Phillips of Lago Vista) -- HCSS Fast Track (Captain: Steve Maliszewski of Sugar Land) -- HCSS Heavy Haulers (Captain: Dalton Pulsipher of Sugar Land) -- High Voltage (Captain: David Parker of Sugar Land) -- Hoodlums (Captain: Hunter Smith of Killeen) -- ISLAGIATT (Captain: Tom Shaffer of Houston) -- It Happens (Captain: Michelle Stribling of Houston) -- K.A.T.Y. KickA$$ Team Y'all! (Captain: Robert Roberts of Katy) -- Kirksey Cannons (Captain: Russell Wooten of Houston) -- Kung Fu Racing Team (Captain: Hung Cao of Houston) -- Lady Eagles Who Served (Captain: Eileen Kong of Pearland) -- League of Indecisive Runners (Captain: Chelsea Schuur of Houston) -- Longest Pub Crawl Ever (Captain: Chris Barnett of Houston) -- Los Maniacos de Tejas (Captain: Gene Bowden of Porter) -- Los Pavos Salvajes (Captain: Brandon Stafford of Cuero) -- Lost in Pace (Captain: Jeremias Castillo of Houston) -- Lost in Texas (Captain: Mike Lee of Houston) -- Memorial Run Club - Team 1 (Captain: Clint Cooper of Houston) -- Memorial Run Club - Team 2 (Captain: Chris Sanders of Houston) -- Memorial Run Club - Team 3 (Captain: Jose Mendoza of Houston) -- Moon Shadow Runners (Captain: Billy Walker of Sachse) -- Most Likely to Secede (Captain: Susanne Whitley of Cypress) -- Mother Truckers (Captain: Martha Parker of Houston) -- MRC 1 (Captain: Jim Busse of Mckinney) -- MRC 2 (Captain: Matthew Jeanes of Allen) -- MRC 3 (Captain: Jim Busse of Mckinney) -- MRC 4 (Captain: Matthew Jeanes of Allen) -- MTT-Wings of Texas (Captain: Michelle Jones of Corpus Christi) -- No Team Name (Captain: Allyson Lawler of Round Rock) -- No Team Name (Captain: Julie Luebbert of Roanoke) -- No Team Name (Captain: Justin Prindle of Houston) -- Peace, Love & Apples (Captain: Pam Owens of The Woodlands) -- Planks 5.0 (Captain: Randy Keith of Houston) -- Plano Cow Belles (Captain: Becky Leverett of Plano) -- Powerhouse Green (Captain: Kate Caughlin of Friendswood) -- Powerhouse Orange (Captain: Melanie Yarzy of Friendswood) -- PRx Honey Badgers (Captain: Brooke Sizer of Houston) -- Racing Rattlers (Captain: Kye Jackson of Austin) -- Raven Scrapers (Captain: Scott Homann of Kingwood) -- Rawhide Roadrunners (Captain: Rick Routzon of Houston) -- Rick James and the Super Freaks (Captain: Rick Wachtman of Houston) -- Roaming Gnomes (Captain: Patty Montgomery of Houston) -- Round Rock Fire (Captain: John Collins of Austin) -- Rowdy Loafers (Captain: Julia Giordano of Houston) -- Run for PAPA (Captain: Wes Seidel of Flower Mound) -- Run Like the Winded (Captain: Lance Ellington of Katy) -- Running on a Prayer (Captain: Keith Miley of Pasadena) -- Schneider Electric (Captain: Lars Larsson of Houston) -- Silver Bullets (Captain: Jim Plutt of Houston) -- Sisters with Blisters (Captain: Amy Moore of Austin) -- Slow N Lazy (Captain: Jon Furr of Katy) -- Smoots (Captain: Todd Newton of San Antonio) -- Sons of Liberty (Captain: Alex Haines of Katy) -- Southern Fried Fartleks (Captain: Tom Fleming of Richardson) -- STW Silent Warriors (Captain: Bridget Delarosa of San Antonio) -- SuckItSantaAnna (Captain: Mike Huggins of Aledo) -- Sweatbanded Heathens (Captain: Shelley Batten of Houston) -- TBD4 (Captain: Paul Moran of Houston) -- TBD5 (Captain: Alex Rea of Houston) -- Team Chipotle (Captain: Marcos Vargas of Mckinney) -- Team Clueless (Captain: Teddi Fulenwider of Dallas) -- Team Kinisi (Captain: Mark Kent of Bedford) -- Tenaris (Captain: Gabe Belforti of Houston) -- Texan Trots (Captain: BJ Braaten of Houston) -- Texas Roadkill Search Team (Captain: John Barfoot of Ingleside) -- TEXpedition Society (Captain: Bing Kao of Houston) -- The Beer View Mirrors (Captain: Natalie Perry of Katy) -- The GOATS (Captain: Omar Venzor of Dallas) -- The Loose Cannons (Captain: Laurie Petty of Friendswood) -- The Mediocres (Captain: Zack Whitaker of Deer Park) -- The Mullets (Captain: Craig Lucas of Houston) -- The Peeps (Captain: David Stockton of Deer Park) -- The Rally Girls (Captain: Jayn Walter of Houston) -- TIRMINATORS (Captain: Isaac Fox of Houston) -- To Be Determined (Captain: Kevin Keeling of Pearland) -- TriDot Texians (Captain: John Mayfield of Friendswood) -- Turbo Turtles (Captain: Nick Biles of Corsicana) -- Van Full of Dudes (Captain: Ricky Chapman of Fulshear) -- Victorious Secret (Captain: Veronica Padilla of Lake Jackson) -- Who's Watching the Kids? (Captain: Alastair Cullen of Houston) -- Wild Hare Coaching (Captain: Art Fresquez of Katy) -- Yes Prep Fifth Ward (Captain: Terry Swift of Houston) -- Young Guns & Old Goats (Captain: Jacob Riemer of Spring) -- Your Pace or Mine? (Captain: Brad Clyburn of Aledo) -- Zombie Koalas (Captain: Megan Belcher of Houston) --

The Challenge

The Texas Independence Relay is composed of 40 relay legs of various lengths, totaling over 200 miles. The course starts in Gonzales, where the spark of the Texas Revolution took place, and it finishes at the San Jacinto Monument, where Texas Independence was won! To tackle this formidable task, your team will have of up to 12 members (your choice!), and you’ll have an exceptional time furthering good friendships and making new ones! You’ll encourage each other along the way while you visit the small cities of Gonzales, Shiner, Moulton, Flatonia, Schulenburg, Weimar, Borden, Columbus, Altair, Eagle Lake, Wallis, Orchard, Simonton, and Fulshear. Then, you’ll make your way through the paramount city of Houston, experiencing it in a way you never have before! Racing on a team with your friends in this unique format over an incomparable span of Texas steeped with momentous history all amounts to a GREAT time that you’ll fondly remember for... well.. the rest of your life! This all takes place over Saturday and Sunday, April 2-3, and don’t forget the Texas Independence Party (the TIP!) on Friday, April 1! Come and take it… if you have what it takes!

Your Epic Texas Journey

Gonzales is a wonderfully welcoming town, rich with history and attractive to tourists looking to escape the big city! Your entire team will run a small loop together around downtown, marking the commencement of your journey. You’ll enjoy picturesque rolling hills replete with blooming Texas wildflowers on perfect relay roads as you journey over rural dirt roads - even passing Sam Houston’s Tree! After leaving Gonzales, you’ll get a taste of smaller Texas towns with exceptionally large hearts! Shiner, Moulton, Flatonia, Schulenburg, and Weimar, you’ll appreciate each town’s individual flavor, but you will also note that they all possess a distinct relaxing quality. By the time your team reaches Columbus, the sun will be retiring for the day.

Eagle Lake, Wallis, Orchard, Simonton, and Fulshear will be sleeping communities as you pass through (though at least a few will stay up to curiously observe your unrelenting journey through the night). Pressing on tirelessly toward the finish, you and your team will follow the beacons of flashing lights (other runners).

When you begin to make your way through Cinco Ranch on the west side of Houston, you’ll notice early indicators that a new day is being gifted to us! You’ll also become aware that you’re crossing the threshold between country and city. Between here and downtown, you’ll traverse paths that wind through pleasing parks (George Bush Park, Terry Hershey Park, Memorial Park, and the Buffalo Bayou). You’ll admire stately homes in well-preserved neighborhoods, and then, you’ll stride through Houston’s very downtown, passing right by reflective sky scrapers and the Toyota Center!

After exiting downtown, you’ll head south to Houston's museum district and Hermann Park, even passing beneath Sam Houston's impressive statue that points the way to the finish! You'll continue to navigate east on the Brays Bayou Path followed by quiet neighborhoods. Finally, your epic Texas journey culminates with a momentous celebratory finish in La Porte at the San Jacinto Battleground and Monument!